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In linking this website to my blog there are over 80 articles in the blog which deal with a collection of subjects ranging from some history of the race that is not always known, to interviews I have done with many runners, some of whom have won the race.  There are also items in which I interview people who have had a long association with Comrades in one way or another.

I have also written several articles where I give my opinion on matters to do with the race, much of which is experience I have been fortunate enough to have gained over a period in excess of 60 years that I have attended Comrades.  Several of the “personal” articles I have written have been from my experiences on the road during the Comrades Marathons I ran. A few of the articles that I have included are as a result of “chats” with runners who were not winners but who have a very interesting story to tell.

I have also included articles on personalities I have been privileged to have met over the years.

Once you have “clicked through” to the blog via the link at the top of this page you need only to scroll down until you reach any article of interest.  I have attempted wherever I can to give an idea of the content of the blog through the heading.

Unfortunately they are not in any subject order and feature in the order in which I have written them.